Mobile Forces setup guide

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Mobile Forces setup guide

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Hey there,

Sharing download links and info on how to setup Mobile Forces for online play:

Mobile Forces full game: ... s.rar/file
Update files: ...

To connect to Max Community MF server you must download update files. Once you download, put them from the .zip file folders to corresponding folders of the Mobile Forces installation. There will be files with the names that will match, you will need to overwrite those files (make backup if you need). To connect to the server, in your game navigate to Multiplayer, Open Location and put the server domain name which is OR overwrite the MobileForces.ini file (included in the .zip) to display the server in Multiplayer, Join Game, Online Servers menu so you won't have to put the IP every time you wish to connect. If you don't want to overwrite MobileForces.ini file, you might want put this text to your MobileForces.ini:

Code: Select all

ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900


ListFactories[0]=UBrowser.UBrowserGSpyFact, ,MasterServerTCPPort=28900,Region=0,GameName=mobileforces

Update file changelog:

First version, 05/27/2020
Fixed grenade and trip mine bugs

Second version, 06/09/2020
Made chat and announce text brighter

Third version, 06/28/2020
Changed weapon ammo and other settings
- HMG ammo increased to 900, carry size decreased by one slot
- Rocket launcher ammo increased to 11
- Grenade amount reduced to 3 per slot

Fourth version, 07/08/2020
Fixed team balance disable (for coop matches)

Fifth version, 07/15/2020
Added collision and handling files for the new jeep vehicle

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