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Forum Rules

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1.Member rules :
1.0 After you registered on the forum it is considered that you read the rules.
1.1 No obscure nicks/ads or racist names.
1.2 We are not responsible for what can happen with your forum account.
1.3 Each member is treated the same way, no matter the forum role.
1.4 Duplicated accounts are only allowed with permission from a forum administrator.

2. General posting rules :
2.1 Try to use a language as decent as possible, without abbreviations.
2.2 Cursing is allowed, but only up to a point. Don't abuse.
2.3 OFF-Topic (Subject deviation) is only allowed on the dedicated OFF-Topic category.
2.4 No useless post, like "Ok, Done, GG" etc. Each post must have a minimum of 10 chaarcters.
2.5 The subject title must be related to what you are posting.
2.6 If you choose to copy a tutorial from another website/forum, please post it's source.
2.7 Before posting a tutorial or anything else that contains a link, please fist verify if the link is still valid !
2.8 No double post. Please use the edit button .
2.9 Please make sure that your questions are in the right topic.

3. Moderator rights and obligations.

The moderators have the following obligations:
3.1 To have a tolerant attitude towards the forum users and to try and solve the issues without engaging in any kind of dispute with them.
3.2 To close/delete the threads only when they are breaking the rules.
3.3 To explain the reason why a thread was closed, when needed.
3.4 If needed, to explain via e-mail why the posts of a user were removed.
3.5 To remove any post that's considered off-topic and posted in the wrong section or warn the user that posted.
3.6 To remove any post that contains ads and warn the user (MAX services, Youtube, Google etc allowed, but not to promote services).
3.7 To warn the users who break the forum rules and propose banning them if they keep doing it.