How to join MaxCommunity Mobile Forces server

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How to join MaxCommunity Mobile Forces server

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Download the required files

To be able to connect to the server, you need to have matching files which you can download by using link below: ...

Join the server

The domain name is (IP To connect, you might want to go to Multiplayer, Open location menus, put the domain name (or IP) and click Start.

Download link of addons

Additionally, you can download and install the addon archive file with the link below so you don't have to download the additional content from the server when you connect to it. Also, installation of this zip will help to get rid of mismatch errors in case you have some addons installed: ...

Display the server in Internet Servers menu list

In order to see the server in Internet Server list (Multiplayer > Join Game > Internet Servers), you can replace your MobileForces.ini file located in MobileForces/System folder with the one in

Modify MobileForces.ini by hand to display the server in the list

If you don't want to overwrite MobileForces.ini, you can remove some lines from it:

Under [Engine.GameEngine] remove:

Code: Select all

ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress= MasterServerPort=27900
ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900
Under [IpServer.UdpServerUplink] remove:

Code: Select all

Under [RageBrowserAll] remove:

Code: Select all

And put these lines (anywhere in the file):

Code: Select all





Update file changelog:

First version, 05/27/2020
* Fixed grenade and trip mine bugs

Second version, 06/09/2020
* Made chat and announce text brighter

Third version, 06/28/2020
* Changed weapon ammo and other settings
- HMG ammo increased to 900, carry size decreased by one slot
- Rocket launcher ammo increased to 11
- Grenade amount reduced to 3 per slot

Fourth version, 07/08/2020
* Fixed team balance disable (for coop matches)

Fifth version, 07/15/2020
* Added collision and handling files for the new jeep vehicle

Sixth version, around end of 2020, beginning of 2021
* Bug fix in multiplayer where SMG or pistol type of weapon zoom messes up when you try to zoom too fast (Bug probably still persists in sniper and rocket launcher)
* First shot delay removed for pistol and SMG weapons after zooming in
* Minor fix for shotgun first person anims (won't get stuck in the middle of shooting animation, won't display empty shotgun idle anim) in multiplayer

Seventh version, 05/25/2021
* Edit to loadout code has been made to allow adding more weapons
* Variable added to the weapons to be able to change third person anims without changing InventoryGroup variable

More modifications were made since 05/25/2021

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